A Gentle Woman’s Persuasion: How She Helped a Fearful Mastiff Overcome Her Shyness

A couple dedicatedly alternates sitting outside with their traumatized foster dog for 12-hour shifts every day for several weeks. Despite the challenge, they believe that their efforts are entirely worth it. Upon arrival with her foster mother, Jodi, Kristin was extremely scared and damaged, with Jodi and her family unable to compare her level of trauma to any other dog they had fostered in their ten years of experience.

Kristin chose to isolate herself for the entire day, staying in a corner without interacting with anyone. In response, Jodi provided her with some food and drink while respecting her desire for solitude. Jodi and her partner took turns spending time with Kristin for about 10 to 12 hours a day, making sure to avoid any sudden movements to reassure her that they meant no harm.

Kristin was comforted by the presence of two individuals who stood by her side and sat next to her, demonstrating their kindness and support. This continued for a few weeks until Kristin finally felt ready to transition into her own residence. The moment she left, Jodi couldn’t help but shed tears.

Jodi shared that she had a moment of realization when Kristin finally felt comfortable enough to trust their home as a safe haven. However, they still had some work to do as Kristin would often retreat to the bathroom corner. After a few months, Jodi started feeling more at home with her new family and craved their company. The family was thrilled when Kristin started showing affection towards Jodi’s husband by walking up to him for pets and cuddles from time to time.

Jodi expressed her excitement, stating that it was a significant achievement for them. Kristin, who was rescued from an abusive family, had finally found a new foster family consisting of humans and other dogs. The dogs in the house were either permanent residents or temporary fosters. Jodi’s foster website revealed that Kristin and her mastiff siblings were saved from deplorable conditions, which is why she initially doubted her foster family. According to Jodi, charges were filed against the abusers, and Big Dogs Huge Paws (BDHP) successfully rescued all but one mastiff. Currently, the four rescued mastiffs are under foster care and will soon be ready for adoption.

Kristin’s siblings were also going through emotional problems, but Jodi has shown that love has the power to heal. Thanks to Jodi’s care and affection, Kristin transformed into a happy and lively pup.

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