In spite of the fact that the neglected little dog was beyond repair, Sophiane Nacer was determined to provide him with the most amazing “last days” imaginable. Hippo was an elderly stray dog who had developed tumors all over his body, and Sophiane promised him that he would experience only love until he passed away. Sophiane, the 19-year-old founder of Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue, claimed that Hippo would have an unforgettable final day. After spending five days at the shelter, Hippo was brought home by Sophiane. The poor dog’s skin felt feeble due to the anguish he was experiencing, making Sophiane wonder if Hippo even knew about his excruciating pain.

As she caught a glimpse of his wagging tail, she felt a glimmer of hope for the sickly pup. Despite his ailments, he fought with all his might to experience the joys of love and happiness before crossing over to the other side. Sophiane handed Hippo a fresh Puppuccino from the chain, and the whipped cream was simply divine.

The following day, Hippo refused to give up on life, and Sophiane brought him to a nearby dog park for some much-needed fun. The furry friend had an absolute blast! But after their adventure, he seemed to have something he wanted to say to her.

The elderly canine was both lively and fatigued, yet he had vital information to share with his newfound companion. Although he relished the chance to hang out with Sophiane, his exhaustion and severe discomfort meant he had to depart.

Upon returning from the dog park, Sophiane contacted a veterinarian who specialized in end-of-life care to come to her residence. The vet provided the dog with a final meal of roast chicken seasoned with sedatives.

As he waited for his last meal, he tried to get as comfortable as possible and ended up dozing off next to Sophiane.

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