A Master of Pebble Art: Unveiling the Intricate Creations of a Talented Artist

Art can take many forms, from repurposed items to edible creations. However, artist Justin Bateman from England prefers to work with natural materials like rocks, stones, and pebbles in order to construct his breathtaking pieces.

He enjoys crafting ephemeral mosaics featuring portraits of people, animals, famous artworks, and sculptures, which he refers to as ‘land art.’ Justin finds this form of art appealing because of its fleeting and immobile nature, believing that it holds greater value in its impermanence.

Justin mentioned that the initial creations took place on a beach in Portsmouth, UK. It was at an old workshop where he worked as an art lecturer with his students. During his visit to England for a short period, he and his friend decided to try the project themselves. After the experience, Justin eventually returned to Bali, Indonesia.

Justin Bateman’s artwork reflects the temporary nature of life, akin to the intricate sand mandalas created by Tibetan monks which are ceremoniously destroyed after being finished.

The artist constructs beautiful stone mosaics using pebbles he collects, but unfortunately, they are short-lived as they are either dispersed back to where they were found or worn away by the elements.

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