A Remarkable Comeback Story: From a Tired Pup with Exposed Muscle to a Restored and Rejuvenated Canine

Back in August 2021, we received a call concerning a small pup named Bongo who was injured. Upon reaching the location, it was apparent that one of his hind legs had suffered severe damage, with the skin completely ripped off to reveal tissue and muscle. Furthermore, Bongo had sustained several puncture wounds on his body and had a high fever, which made his chances of survival uncertain.

Against all odds, we began the process of raising his body temperature and battling the infection in order to give him a fighting chance. Nevertheless, due to his extremely thin state, we were aware that surgery could not be immediately pursued for him. Therefore, our primary focus was on building his strength as much as possible beforehand.

Bongo has demonstrated his warrior spirit with his lively enthusiasm and a healthy appetite. Our efforts have paid off as we were finally able to amputate his injured limb and treat the infection after weeks of hard work and perseverance. Despite having a long way to go, we are proud to say that Bongo is now pain-free and making progress towards full recovery.

Bongo’s injury needed a minimum of two months to heal completely, and he experienced some problems with his legs’ soft bones during the recovery period. Nevertheless, with the right diet and attention, his body gradually adjusted, and he continued to show improvement on the road to full recovery.

Presently, Bongo is thriving and adapting well with three legs. He is even trying out for the job of a “lawn mower.” Despite the initial doubts regarding his survival when he arrived in our care, Bongo’s recovery journey shows that rescue efforts are undoubtedly valuable.

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