“A Tale of Heartbreak: A Lonely and Abandoned Pup’s Struggle to Find a Home”

As reported by The MoHo, a distressed pup was discovered on August 20th. Just one look at her and it’s clear to see the amount of pain she must have endured.

Due to her unappealing appearance, individuals pelted her with stones and garbage, pushed her away, and even permitted other canines to bite her. However, when the rescue team discovered her, she had lost most of her fur.

Fortunately, Juana still has a healthy appetite despite her unfortunate circumstances. It’s important for her recovery that she’s able to finish all of her meals. Unfortunately, her skin issues are more severe than anticipated. For the first three days, she experienced constant itching and bleeding.

Juana’s skin showed significant improvement after undergoing five days of intensive skin treatment, thanks to her insatiable appetite. Additionally, she had to have all of her old hair shaved so that new hair could grow and make it easier for the topical cream to be applied to her skin.

Juana finally enjoyed her first walk under the sun after being rescued, and it happened just two weeks after her rescue. This new experience for her was significant since she hadn’t been able to enjoy the warmth of the sun for years.

Juana’s hair has not fully grown back even after almost a month due to the significant skin effect caused by her condition. She is now cured and receiving lots of love and affection from those around her. They speak gently to her and she happily wags her tail in response.

After being rescued, it took Juana only 2 months to find her new Mama. She is now living in a wonderful new home and seems to have the best mother in the world. She is surrounded by love and has even started giving her new mom smiles and kisses.

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