“From Stray to Family: Officer Rescues and Adopts Pooch Caught in the Rain”

On a gloomy day, NYPD Officer Michael Pascale came across Joey, a small black dog, while driving through a public park in his patrol car. The park was littered with used needles and broken beer bottles, and there sat Joey, huddled and alone. Tied to a fence by a heavy chain around his neck, the poor canine was drenched, cold and left to fend for himself.

Pascale recounted to The Dodo how Joey’s pleading gaze made her realize that she needed to rescue him. So, she took the wet and lost dog to the Animal Care Centers of NYC shelter in Brooklyn. Pascale felt a bond forming between them as she gently dried the appreciative canine with a towel. She expressed that she doesn’t perceive animals as just creatures but acknowledges their souls, and it’s something she embraces wholeheartedly.

He sent a photo of the sad puppy to his spouse via text, who immediately responded with a resounding “yes” to bringing him home. However, they encountered a small hurdle in their pursuit of adopting Joey. The ACC informed Officer Pascale that they were required to keep Joey under their care for 72 hours due to a mandated stray hold. This may seem like a long time, but it’s necessary because there could be an owner out there who is searching for a lost or stolen pet. Thus, the stray hold provides them with sufficient time to claim their animal.

After a tearful farewell, Officer Pascale assured the couple that he would be back. True to his word, he visited them not only once, but twice more. With each visit, their bond grew stronger.

At last, the period of waiting for Pascale to adopt Joey came to an end as the stray hold was lifted. With all the necessary paperwork completed, it was time for Joey to bid Pascale farewell before starting his new life with her.

After being rescued by Officer Pascale, the dog was promised protection from any sort of abuse or neglect. The dog couldn’t contain his happiness and showed it by showering the Officer with kisses. They both went home together to start a new life. Now, the once scared stray is a loved and valued pet, who enjoys spending time with his father exploring New York and snuggling up with his mother. Officer Pascale notes that the dog has become a Mama’s Boy. It’s a beautiful ending despite the imperfections.

Joey is a friendly canine and even has his own Instagram handle, @Joey Good Doggo, but he does have his flaws. Occasionally, he gets his paws on the garbage and he still detests going out in the rain. Nevertheless, he is happy with his life and is greatly appreciated by those around him. Ultimately, all dogs crave is to be liked and accepted.

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