Heart-Wrenching: Cruel Owner Buries French Mastiff Alive, Leaving it to Perish Alone

Sometimes, we come across individuals who engage in unforgivable acts that make us ashamed to belong to the same species as them. If we compare humans and animals, it becomes abundantly clear that animals are far superior. In the natural world, animals rely solely on their instincts, attacking only when they need to eat or when they feel threatened. Unlike some humans, they never resort to inflicting harm or causing pain for sheer pleasure.

Here’s a heartbreaking tale of a dog owned by an incredibly cruel and twisted individual. This sickening owner derives pleasure from subjecting the helpless animal to torture, such as burying the poor creature alive and immobilizing her to prevent her from escaping. It’s a truly appalling situation for this innocent dog to be in, and it breaks our hearts to hear about it.

When Pedro Dinis, a devoted animal enthusiast, took his pit bull for a walk in a dump area at Carrieres-sur-Seine, he never expected to witness an incredible miracle. A French Mastiff with a strong will to live was hoping for a savior and Dinis became that savior. Dinis noticed his pit bull behaving oddly and found out there was something peculiar in the dirt. To his surprise, it was a living dog, the French Mastiff.

Dinis came across a helpless dog that was trapped under a pile of stones, with its head stuck under a bag of gravel. Without wasting any time, Dinis knew he had to act quickly and approached the scared canine cautiously. He was careful not to cause discomfort or further distress to the dog and used his hands to remove the dirt that was surrounding it. Additionally, he gave the dog some water to help revive it. To his amazement, the dog remained calm and composed throughout the entire rescue operation.

After being rescued, the dog was named Athena and immediately taken to a veterinary hospital for necessary care. Athena’s condition was fragile due to dehydration and exhaustion, but fortunately, her life was not in danger. The veterinarian also discovered that Athena had developed arthritis from being mistreated for an extended period, requiring further medical attention. During her recovery, Athena found a new home with the Delfosse grandparents who adopted her and provided her with a loving environment where she can thrive and live happily.

The individual who committed a heinous act against Athena has been apprehended by law enforcement officials. Despite the perpetrator’s claims that Athena ran away, the evidence overwhelmingly shows otherwise. For instance, Athena was an arthritic dog and therefore could not have run away or concealed itself under dirt. Consequently, the person responsible for this cruel action has been charged with animal cruelty, which may result in a prison term of up to two years and a substantial fine exceeding $30,000.

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