Kind-hearted Neighbors Rescue Emaciated Dog Left Tethered to Tree at the Back of a Property

Hugo Leiza and his roommates were filled with compassion upon hearing about a malnourished puppy that was left chained in a backyard close to their Miami home. Their initial thought was to rescue the poor creature, even if it meant facing repercussions. They decided to visit the neighborhood in Liberty City with some food and drinks for the pup. Upon arrival, they found the dog tied to a tree, with his bony frame barely holding up his sagging skin.

As soon as the strangers showed up, the dog initially barked but eventually warmed up to them as they got closer. They placed some food for the dog which he gladly ate. Suddenly, the people who lived in the house arrived on scene. The man recounting the story explains how they rushed out from the backyard, went around to the front and engaged in conversation with the newcomers. One of the residents named Leiza asked about the curious behavior of the dog towards the visitors.

The resident explained that the dog, named Ganesh after the Hindu deity known for removing obstacles and bringing prosperity, belonged to their nephew who left him behind when he moved out three months ago. This marked the beginning of Ganesh’s journey, and it’s a fitting name considering his recent experience. Only last week, someone finally removed the rope that had been around his neck for months, marking a significant obstacle that he had overcome.

In a YouTube video shared by his friends, Alex Carvalho expressed his joy as he witnessed someone walk and run for the first time in ages. The experience was incredible, and everyone present that day felt fortunate to witness it. Afterward, the person received a refreshing bath and a coconut oil treatment to rejuvenate their body.

He received warm embraces that filled him with affection. He discovered a deep and profound love within himself. And in return, he showered it upon others without reservation.

After getting in touch with animal control, a report was not filed as the situation regarding Ganesh’s future was uncertain. The decision was made to reach out to Good Karma Pet Rescue instead, as they have extensive experience rescuing dogs. This move will ensure that Ganesh finds a loving and permanent home. However, there are still several visits to the vet for Ganesh to look forward to before he is well enough to be adopted.

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