Loving Father: Golden Retriever Takes Care of Expectant Mother

Hey dads, remember how you used to take care of your wife during her pregnancy? I bet you do! Those moments when you were solely responsible for all the household chores and running errands. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. Some might say they weren’t as lucky, but there’s always something heartwarming to see. Have you seen the viral video of a golden retriever taking care of his mate while she was in delivery? It’s so cute!

These Golden Retrievers became an internet sensation with their cute and helpful antics. They were captured snoozing together before the female woke up, prompting the male to adjust the temperature by turning on the AC. The male then fetched a small basin and placed it in the sink, using his paw to turn on the faucet. He proudly went back to his mate after completing the task. Later, he retrieved her leash so they could go for a walk, even though she was pregnant and needed to stay active. Instead of waiting for their owner, the male chewed on the leash and joined his mate for a stroll.

The dad dog had some free time to run other errands while this was happening. During the course of this time, he entered the kitchen to help make his partner’s dinner. He suggested having chicken, fish, shrimp, and some vegetables. The dad dog even helped clean up and took out the trash.

During dinner, he shows his gentlemanly manners and patiently waits for his mate to finish her meal first, even if he’s famished from all the hard work he did. He understands that she needs to eat for their pups, too. Although, when he invited her for a run after dinner, she declined and went into labor instead. Their fur parents sensed what was happening and quickly made a comfortable nest for her. Their once private room now became a home for their growing family full of love.

As the mother retriever gave birth, each puppy came out into the world one by one. The owners made sure to clean them carefully and left them to nurse on their mother. To help her through the process, they fed her easy-to-digest meals. The proud father ended up with seven healthy puppies, each wearing a collar of a different color, creating a rainbow-like effect. Now, the daddy dog had a new responsibility – taking care of his mate and their newborn pups.

This little one has proven their dependability, and we have no doubt that they will continue to thrive. Check out the heartwarming video below showcasing a devoted golden retriever looking after their entire family.

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