“Mother Dog’s Determination: Trekking 3 Kilometers Daily to Feed Her Pups”

Betty Boop, a mother dog with 10 puppies, used to walk three kilometers every day in search of food. Fortunately, she was rescued by Krystle Woodward, founder of Pinky Paws ResQ, and her puppies are now up for adoption. The locals of Fowler, Fresno, California, had witnessed the new mother on her daily trek to provide nourishment for her brood. Krystle had been informed of Betty’s situation two months prior but was unable to capture her until last Thursday. With Betty and her puppies now safe and sound, they can look forward to bright futures in loving homes.

Krystle shared an exciting experience on the foundation’s Facebook page about surprising Betty Boop during her work break. However, Betty Boop ran away when Krystle found her lying down. With the help of her husband who drove the van, Krystle was able to rescue Betty Boop during her lunch hour on Thursday. On the other hand, a mother dog had to travel three kilometers per day just to provide nourishment for her puppies. According to reports, over 30 individuals have seen this devoted mother dog foraging for food on the outskirts of the town, covering miles just to ensure the well-being of her young ones in the past few weeks.

Later in the evening, following my workday, I headed to the veterinarian’s office, where I stayed until deep into the night. I felt an intense need to ensure that my furry friend was not afflicted with any illnesses. When the vet informed me that she was lactating, my heart sank, and I spent the whole night sobbing, worrying about the fate of her puppies.

Last Friday, Betty Boop made a daring escape by running outside and scaling the fence to reunite with her puppies. The determined dog was willing to do whatever it takes to be with her beloved children. Krystle has already started her search for Betty Boop’s offspring and recently found them in the basement of a deserted building. To aid in the rescue, Krystle’s friend’s son enlisted the help of an elementary school student named Kenneth Stoen. YourCentralValley reported on this heartwarming story.

There are ten adorable puppies, and fortunately, they are all in good health. These puppies have names that sound like precious stones such as Amber, Citrine, Copper, Jade, Jasper, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Rubyloo, and Sage. The owner of these cute puppies shared that the mother dog entrusted her by showing where her babies were, which touched her heart and made her love them even more.

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