“Mother Dog’s Instinct to Protect: Hiding Puppies in a Ditch”

As soon as a man took to Facebook to announce that he was giving up his dog and her nine puppies, the surrounding community sprang into action. They recognized the urgent need for attention and care for this small family of dogs.
This particular dog, named Nana, is four years old and has been tied up outside her North Carolina home for three years straight. The first two litters she birthed were unable to survive, but all nine puppies from her third and last litter made it through. Unfortunately, as soon as they were born, Nana’s owner made the decision to find new homes for all ten dogs.

In the month of July, a man put up a post about giving away his dogs. His neighbors who knew the circumstances intervened and took the dogs in. Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) were informed about the situation and felt compelled to provide assistance. They contacted Mr. Bones & Co. Rescue for help.

According to Elli Frank, the founder of Mr. Bones & Co, they received pictures of the living conditions and health status of a dog. She explained that the dog had shifted her puppies to a ditch to prevent them from overheating due to the scorching July sun. Elli expressed how the situation saddened her deeply.

FFAS made the kind decision to take care of the lovely family until the puppies reached an appropriate age to be transported to New York, where Mr. Bones & Co. is located. To ensure a seamless transfer, the rescuers from Mr. Bones & Co. provided Nana and her pups with extra attention and support to boost their confidence during their stay.

Frank shared that Nana’s previous owner had bred her two times before, but unfortunately all of her babies except one didn’t survive. Nana was a very protective mother who had experienced a lot of pain and sadness due to this loss. Frank and FFAS wanted to make sure that Nana knew she was safe and would continue to be safe under their care.

Once the puppies were familiarized with, it was decided that they would be given names based on characters from Peter Pan. The adorable canines were then christened with monikers such as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, Wendy, John, Michael, Cubby, Liza and Jane.

As time passed by, the adorable puppies experienced growth and improvement in their health. In the middle of September, Nana and her kin were transported to New Jersey through Pilots N Paws’ assistance. Upon arrival, Mr. Bones & Co. picked them up and transferred them to New York. After a lengthy journey, Nana and her puppies were finally out of harm’s way.

When the rescuers arrived, they immediately took the nine Peter Pan puppies to their designated foster homes. Afterward, it was Nana’s turn to be transported to her foster home. As she snuggled with her rescuers during the car ride, Nana felt safe and secure for the first time in a while, as she had finally been rescued.

Throughout our visits, we were able to build a strong bond with her. Eventually, she entrusted us with the responsibility of finding loving and caring homes for her babies. Frank explained that she felt relieved knowing that her offspring would be taken care of until they found their permanent homes. She felt satisfied that she had fulfilled her duty as a mother and successfully saved her babies’ lives.

Nana and her adorable puppies are thriving in their new foster homes, with the possibility of Nana’s temporary family becoming permanent. The puppies are quickly growing and everyone involved in their rescue is thrilled with their progress. Although it was a challenging journey to save this small family, their current happiness and safety make it all worth it.

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