“Radiant Elegance: The Alluring Blend of Chestnut Brown, Shining Copper, and Blush-Red Cheeks”

The Chestnut Brown and Shining Copper Beauty with Blush-Red Cheeks epitomises elegant splendour.

This delightful bird features a crest on its head and is of moderate size, residing in the moist tropical lowlands.

The woodpecker, scientifically known as Celeus castaneus, is a bird that measures around 28 cm in length and weighs approximately 127g. This chestnut-colored bird has a stunning plumage that is predominantly unbarred chestnut brown, with a bright yellow rump, sides, and crest. Its beak is yellow-white, while its wings and tail are black in color. Additionally, the male woodpecker has a crimson malar stripe on its cheek.

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