“Rescue Tale: A Heartwarming Story of a Disabled Puppy Freed from 10 Days of Starvation in Chains to an Abandoned Truck”

A rumor went around that Duke had caught a highly infectious disease some years back, causing people to steer clear of him. Consequently, the poor 10-month-old pup was tied up to a run-down mobile home with no one to keep him company.

For a whole ten days, Duke found himself seeking refuge under a rundown caravan just outside a Bulgarian village, enduring the unbearable type of quarantine. Thankfully, there was a kind-hearted woman who saw the poor dog’s woeful state and took swift action by reaching out to Rudozem Street Dog Rescue. This non-profit organization is duly certified in Bulgaria and dedicated to providing aid to animals in distress.

According to The Dodo, Tony Rowles, who is the founder of the group, stumbled upon a dog that was infested with flies and covered in its own excrement. The poor creature was understandably frightened and unable to move due to the overpowering smell of ammonia.

However, Duke displayed a charming gesture by kissing the first hand extended towards him. Due to overcrowding in the shelter, Duke and some other cats and dogs stayed at the Rowles’ residence. Despite initial concerns about Duke being contagious, it turned out that his gentle nature was the only thing he spread. Although he did have a fear of men for a few weeks.

Upon my initial encounter with him, he appeared to be in good spirits. However, it was evident from his movements and reluctance to approach that he was afraid during the first couple of weeks. My wife Diane was able to establish a strong bond with him, which he cherished greatly. Additionally, Duke’s feet were in poor condition and appeared to be broken. Unfortunately, the veterinarian who assessed him discovered that Duke had contracted an infection.

Rowles was taken aback when the veterinarian explained that Duke had experienced severe trauma to his feet. The bones in his feet were completely shattered, and his ligaments had become non-existent. Duke’s feet had become so damaged that bones were floating around inside them. In addition, Duke had been starved, and the chain that had weighed him down had hurt his throat, causing painful coughing. Rowles made sure Duke received splints, surgery, and proper meals, as well as the right people to help him recover. Eventually, Duke’s condition improved so much that Rowles believed he could be put up for adoption.

In the course of their work in Bulgaria for the past eight years, the team has successfully placed more than 1,000 dogs in loving homes across various countries including Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and the United States. One particular dog named Duke even found his way to England and was adopted by a woman named Diana Romaine, leaving his rescuers with a bittersweet memory of their tearful goodbye. However, two years later, Duke’s journey from being an untouchable dog to a beloved pet has left an enduring legacy of love that reaches all the way to that distant isle.

All it takes is a chain of kindness to make a difference. Would you like to support Rudozem Street Dog Rescue in their efforts to protect animals such as Duke? You can show your support by making a donation through this link.

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