Saviors Save Emaciated Hunting Dog Left to Die in Field

Discovering a dog in distress can be heartbreaking as they are such pure and blameless creatures. It’s unfortunate that they find themselves in such dire situations through no fault of their own.

In Karditsa, Greece, the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team came across a dog in the countryside that had suffered through a similar ordeal. The poor pup was in terrible condition, but luckily, the compassionate team members stepped in to provide the necessary assistance and care.

In a rural area, a dog named Lydia was discovered in a field with several wounds. The locals immediately contacted a rescue team, who quickly responded to the call and rushed to the dog’s aid. Upon their arrival, they found Lydia all by herself in the field, looking frail and weak. She had a large wound on her back that was oozing with pus, and it required immediate medical attention.

With utmost care and concern, the rescue team safely transported Lydia to a nearby clinic. They carried her out of the field by lifting her up gently and moving slowly to avoid causing any further harm. It was clear that Lydia needed urgent medical treatment, and the rescuers were determined to give her the best possible care.

Without wasting any time, they made the decision to bring Lydia to the veterinarian. They ensured that she was comfortable and prepared for the journey by wrapping her in a cozy blanket and carefully placing her inside a cage located at the back of their vehicle.

To ensure her safety during treatment, she was kept in a secure location. Eventually, they took her to the vet where they opened her cage and she joyfully jumped out, despite her injuries. She had a noticeable limp and was examined on a table. The vet discovered an additional injury on her leg where the bone had broken and punctured through, in addition to the large wound on her neck.

After receiving medical attention for her injuries, Lydia’s condition gradually improved with each passing day. Despite her limping, she regained a significant amount of strength and energy. Eventually, she was taken to her foster home to fully recover before finding a permanent home. You can find out more about DAR Animal Rescue by visiting their Facebook page. Don’t forget to watch the video below to witness Lydia’s inspiring rescue and recovery journey!

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