Tearful Moment: Embracing Human Love for the First Time

Introducing LuLi, a worn-out mother who had been living on the streets with her young ones. Although she looks young, it’s evident that she has gone through pregnancy in the past. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about her history. Scabs and infections were visible all over her body, and she looked frail and weak, down to skin and bones.

Alejandra, a compassionate woman, stumbled upon a helpless creature and decided to take care of it. Wanting to provide the best help possible, she reached out to La Casita de Noe, a shelter in Buenos Aires, Argentina, run by Noelia Prestipino. Upon seeing the poor creature, the rescue volunteers were deeply saddened by its condition.

Feeling anxious and jittery, LuLi was apprehensive about what was to come since she had never encountered human affection before. The intricate uniqueness of her being led her to be bestowed with the name Luna.

They brought her along and gave her a bath, as well as some antibiotics. In just two weeks at the shelter, she transformed drastically with the right care. She also looked much more appealing.

Luli is such a lovable dog that deserves to have a comfortable place to live, the luxury of going for walks, a cozy bed to sleep on, and even a vacation! I’m head over heels in love with her. Luckily, the shelter workers were able to find her a loving and permanent home with an incredibly kind family. Luli is enjoying her new life with her new family, and it’s heartwarming to see her being treated so well. Even though it’s difficult to say goodbye, her previous owners are happy that she found a new home where she will be loved and cared for.

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