The Heartwarming Tale of a Tiny Rescue Dog’s Pregnancy and the Joy She Brings by Delivering Puppies

Upon hearing about a female dog trapped in a crowded shelter in Kentucky, the veterinarians of the Kentucky Humane Society immediately sprang into action to offer aid.

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The pooch was expecting, however, the vets required her to undergo a C-section procedure to deliver her offspring after conducting an examination. Dr. Emily Bewley mentioned that the terrier, referred to as Momma Malone, arrived at their shelter just in time to ensure a safe delivery. Therefore, Dr. Bewley took the dog home to allow her to give birth peacefully.

The Momma Malone dog was brought to the shelter to undergo C-section surgery since she needed it to give birth. The vets were amazed when she gave birth to 9 pups, which was unexpected for a small dog like her since they typically only have 2-5 pups. The surgery lasted only 20 minutes.

Initially, there were worries that the mother dog would struggle to bond with her newly born puppies. However, upon awakening, she immediately assumed the role of a loving and caring mother.

It’s awesome that all the puppies and their mother will be taken care of by the Kentucky Humane Society until they are adopted into loving homes.

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