Unbreakable Bond: Newly Rescued Stray Pups Can’t Get Enough of Each Other’s Hugs

They say it’s just a case of puppy love, but these adorable best buds can’t seem to resist cuddling up together.

Two stray puppies have captured the hearts of netizens after reportedly being taken in by Buddhist nuns in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City. One of the pups is seen guarding a shrine in the temple while the other snuggles up in its paws. Their bond has been endearing to many on social media.

A different picture shows a dog in a Zen posture near a Buddhist statue, implying that the dog is learning meditation from the experts.

The two dogs were adopted by the temple after being left on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Since then, they have been given a new lease on life.

Many people were touched by the dogs’ story and flooded Weibo, a social networking site, with comments expressing their admiration for the furry friends.

According to a user, the dogs are now required to meditate like the nuns since they are in the temple. Meanwhile, some netizens criticized the previous owners for leaving the puppies behind. One of them expressed disappointment and questioned why people would acquire pets if they could not provide proper care.

On social media, there have been discussions suggesting that the dogs were not being treated well. Nonetheless, a monk from Bao Hoa Son Temple in Khanh Hoa Province has been reported to have rescued them, as per a tweet shared by one user.

According to Mira Eleonora Pantazopol Lordanescu, a linguist at Bucharest’s Faculty of Linguistics, the puppies were actually born in a temple in Vietnam and were taught by nuns to stand upright and embrace each other. This differs greatly from the previous account, which was much more positive.

According to Lordanescu, who exposes animal scams via Facebook, there is a sad conclusion to this story. The small black animal passed away due to the lack of veterinary care available for animals in that area.

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