When Two Pups Met A Cobra In A Pit – A Remarkable Turn Of Events Followed

It is often said that a leopard cannot change its spots. But what about the deadly king cobra? By nature, the king cobra is a feared predator. However, there are cases where the story may not be as expected.

In a video captured in India, two puppies fell into a deep pit with a king cobra slithering nearby. The puppies were found after their mother’s intense barking was heard. The owner was extremely worried to see them sitting at the bottom of the well, partly because the king cobra was crawling nearby.

2 chú chó rơi xuống hố sâu tưởng chết, ân nhân cứu mạng không ai ngờ là con rắn hổ mang cực độc - Ảnh 1.

The king cobra is a unique venomous snake in the world that often preys on other snakes or reptiles. Despite its lethal venom, it rarely attacks humans. In this situation, two puppies were unable to escape and would be easy prey for the snake.

The owner was worried about the dogs’ safety but didn’t know how to react. If he climbed down the well to rescue them, he could get bitten by the snake. He couldn’t leave them alone down there either. After some contemplation, he was surprised by the scene he saw in the well.

2 chú chó rơi xuống hố sâu tưởng chết, ân nhân cứu mạng không ai ngờ là con rắn hổ mang cực độc - Ảnh 2.

Upon closer observation, it appears as though the snake is trying to protect the small puppy. On the left side of the well is a part that is filled with water which could potentially cause the puppy to drown or become sick if it were to play in it. The snake is sitting in front of this area to prevent the two puppies from running around too much.
Overall, the two puppies were trapped in the well for 48 hours before they were rescued. When the rescue team arrived, the snake slithered away so that the puppy could be easily lifted out. In the end, both puppies were safe and unharmed thanks to the careful watch of the snake.
After the story was shared, many people were amazed and praised the king cobra for its unusual behavior. “Truly a remarkable animal. Hard to believe that it was an action done by an animal.”

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