Dedicated Rescuers Save Homeless Mother Dog and Her Litter of Six Puppies, Providing Safe Haven

A litter of puppies was discovered in a nursery close to the highway, with their homeless mother dog. As soon as Eldad and Loreta Frankonyte, part of the rescue team at Hope For Paws, were alerted via text, they rushed to the location to rescue them.

Due to the common occurrence of postpartum aggression in mother dogs, the rescue team had to exercise caution when approaching both the mother and her puppies. Despite offering treats, the mother remained apprehensive and kept her distance from the rescuers. In order to safely capture her, the team opted for a humane trap, allowing the mother to alleviate some of her tension. Although initially confused and even barking at the team, the mother gradually became more comfortable and began to trust the rescuers.

The team of rescuers embarked on a mission to locate the puppies and reunite them with their mother. Judging from the healthy state of the pups, it was evident that their mother had done an excellent job of caring for them. The mama dog appeared serene and composed as she watched her babies being brought back to her. As for the six little ones, they were utterly adorable and well-behaved, dozing off immediately after their rescue.

The entire family went to the veterinary center for a check-up. The mother dog, Haleakala, was still a bit uneasy when her pups were held by unfamiliar people. This demonstrated how much she adored and looked after her little ones. However, the whole process went without any problems. The Hawaiian family was in a cozy and protected environment, and everyone was in good health. As the young pups grew quickly, they were eager to head to their temporary home and relished every moment spent together.

These endearing pups are on the hunt for a permanent residence. If you’re interested in giving them a loving home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Little Red Dog Rescue.

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