How a Loving Family Constructed a Cozy Haven for a Stray Feline in Need

A family decides to construct a cozy shelter for a stray cat in an attempt to rescue him.

Gerrie and Loki enjoy spending time in their spacious catio, where they can play and watch the world outside. One day, a new feline friend visited them in the catio. At first, Gerrie and Loki’s parents thought he was just a neighborhood cat, but after he returned several times, a neighbor informed them that he was actually a stray who had been living in the area for years. They named him Ziggy and welcomed him into their home with open arms.

Initially, Ziggy was hesitant to be approached and touched, but he would stop by twice daily to feed on the food offered by his new friends. To ensure his comfort, they decided to construct a small house solely for him. The intention was to make him feel secure and protected whenever he came around, especially with the onset of the colder months. They also started feeding him in the house to gradually get him accustomed to it.

Despite the fact that Ziggy had a lot of progress to make, he appeared to enjoy his surroundings and was gradually starting to become more comfortable around the couple. The feline’s mother, Renee (who preferred to remain anonymous), disclosed to The Dodo that after several weeks of providing care, she was finally able to touch him while he ate. However, once the meal was over, Ziggy reverted to being untouchable.

The couple was in the midst of a discussion about Ziggy’s situation when they stumbled upon him injured and seeking aid inside his small abode. They were unsure whether to take the feline inside or keep giving him food outside until he felt better. However, once they had arranged for a swift operation from a local vet, they transported him home.

Renee shared that they had to keep Ziggy in a separate room for a few days following his surgery. However, they eventually reunited him with their other pets Gerrie and Loki, and thankfully they still got along well. This was a relief to the couple, who then made the decision to keep Ziggy with them. To ensure Ziggy felt secure, they constructed a cozy outdoor abode for him. But ultimately, it was their home where Ziggy found true comfort and safety, thanks to his loving new forever family.

After some adjustment time, Ziggy has finally settled into his new home and is living his best life. It seems that he has realized that his new parents are actually incredibly kind and caring, especially after they nursed him back to health and showered him with love and attention. These days, Ziggy can often be found lounging next to the window or basking in the warmth of the dishwasher. Although he still loves spending time outside with his furry siblings, he now shares a spacious catio with Gerrie and Loki instead of having his own small space. Overall, Ziggy is feeling right at home and couldn’t be happier!

The trio of felines enjoy each other’s company and spend their time lounging while observing their surroundings. They are vigilant for any stray cats that might require a shelter or a new family.

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