“Surviving with a Giant Tumor on her Face: One Woman’s Struggle for Help”

Introducing Honey, the latest rescue of Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary. Unfortunately, Honey was found in a terrible state, suffering from a large tumor on her face and obvious signs of discomfort due to swelling and infection. Thanks to the team’s swift action, Honey is now receiving the care she desperately needs.

Right now, we’re at Animal Wellness with her, waiting for the results of her X-rays. We’re hoping that the mass can be treated. Her initial blood tests show that her organs are functioning properly, but she does have anemia and heartworm. The plan is to give her anti-inflammatory medication for two weeks to help boost her red blood cell count, followed by surgery and chemotherapy. Despite all this, there’s a good chance that she’ll recover and live a full, happy life!

To increase Honey’s chances of survival, surgery to eliminate the mass must be performed, and chemotherapy may follow in case of cancer. Due to the location of the tumour, the procedure will be conducted at Animal Wellness using gas anaesthetic.

After spending 15 days at the center, Honey’s red blood cell count remains low, which necessitates a transfusion. Surgery seems to be on the horizon, and it will hopefully commence shortly after. As of Day 17, Honey’s surgery is underway. Prior to her sedation, she took a photograph with Rina and Rudylyn. Due to the severity of her situation, the procedure is taking place at Animal Wellness, where gas anaesthesia is safer. Given the tumor’s proximity to her brain, the procedure is likely to be complex and lengthy.

On the 19th day, we received good news that Honey’s surgery went well considering that the tumor had wrapped around many of her facial and optical nerves. However, the nerves responsible for controlling her left eyelid were unavoidably cut off during the operation, which resulted in a slight droop.

The size of the tumor was enormous, consequently resulting in a significant surgical incision. It is encouraging to see that she is consuming chicken and displaying signs of recovery. Her ability to lead a normal life without the tumor is promising. Although she is eating independently, her face remains swollen due to the surgery and inflammation. However, the doctors are optimistic that once the inflammation diminishes, she will be able to consume more food.

At this point, she is still in the early stages of recovery following a major surgery and we are grateful for each day without any complications. Thankfully, she made it through the procedure and is currently in critical condition but conscious and breathing. Unfortunately, the biopsy results of her tumor came back malignant, but there is hope in the form of chemotherapy. The specific type of cancer she has responds well to Doxorubicin, which we need to start administering quickly to prevent further spread. Despite the challenges, there is some positive news – the tumor in her vagina has shrunk by 60 percent since beginning chemo after being found during treatment. After over three months, she’s started gaining weight and is keeping up good spirits while on chemo. There is still uncertainty about her prognosis due to the effects of chemotherapy on organs, but we’re optimistic that she’ll make a full recovery.

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