Saving a loyal watchdog from the edge: A story of timely rescue

It was a heart-wrenching moment when a dog, who was suffering from severe malnutrition, was too weak to even stand. She tried to lay on a pile of rags for some comfort, but due to the chain tightly wrapped around her neck, it was impossible for her to do so. Her head drooped low as she struggled to bear the pain and exhaustion that she was going through.

Cala, an unfortunate dog in San Jose, Costa Rica, was once tasked as a guard dog by her mechanic owner. However, due to the lack of proper nutrition and medical attention, Cala’s health began to decline over time, making it difficult for her to breathe. Luckily, kind neighbors stepped in by bringing the case to local authorities and contacting Territorio de Zaguates, a well-known sanctuary that takes care of numerous dogs.

After seeing the condition of Cala, Lya Battle, who is the founder of Territorio de Zaguates, felt a mix of sadness and anger. The Dodo reported that Battle saw a photo of Cala that portrayed a helpless and self-respectless creature, on the verge of giving up. Cala’s spirit was broken, and she appeared to have given up hope. Fortunately, the authorities and rescue team were quick to respond to Cala’s situation and removed her from her abusive owner’s possession. A veterinarian treated her physical issues such as being underweight and having wounds around her neck due to a tight chain. Finally, Cala found refuge at Territorio de Zaguates, where she could start healing and regain both her physical and mental well-being.

Cala had to undergo rigorous treatments to heal her injuries, including the wound caused by a metal chain around her neck that hung for years. It wasn’t an easy road, but Cala realized that there was hope and love awaiting her once she got past the pain. With unwavering determination, she persevered through every step of her recovery journey.

At first, Cala was wary and dubious of the other dogs in her kennel. Battle speculated that it could be because she had never interacted with other canines or was trained to see them as enemies. Gradually, Cala began to trust both her furry companions and the compassionate caretakers who were looking out for her.

Battle noted a significant shift in Cala’s demeanor over time. Initially, she was a weak and hopeless creature who lacked the confidence to stand up for herself. However, as the days went on, Cala started to become more resilient and self-assured. She even began to display a playful personality, which brought joy to her daily life. Over time, Cala slowly learned to trust humans and would sometimes seek out their attention. Despite these positive changes, Cala still faced difficulties. In June, some heartless individuals broke into the sanctuary and offered poisoned sausages to innocent dogs, leading to the deaths of sixteen canines. Unfortunately, Cala was one of the animals who consumed the contaminated sausage. However, by some miracle, she survived the ordeal.

It was Battle who stumbled upon Cala, still alive and breathing. He hypothesized that her ability to withstand the toxic substance may have been due to her size or only ingesting a small amount of it. Nevertheless, Cala was rescued and, while she initially struggled with neurological issues, she eventually made a full recovery. Battle firmly believes that there are no coincidences in life, and Cala’s survival is a testament to her unbreakable spirit. Despite enduring years of abuse, neglect, starvation, and illness, she never gave up. Her resilience serves as a reminder that life is precious, and eventually, humans appeared to offer her the love and care she deserved. Even though the sanctuary lost other beloved dogs, Cala’s remarkable survival showcased her strength.

Cala is being taken care of by a foster family and enjoying the love and attention that she is receiving. Even though she has been through a lot of maltreatment, harassment, and confinement in the past, Cala seems to be slowly moving on and embracing her playful nature. Her foster mother is delighted with this positive change. Battle says that Cala is going through a phase where she is like a mischievous puppy and that it’s perfectly fine. She is happy, strong, and determined, but also a bit stubborn. Cala’s foster family spoils her completely.

Battle has saved numerous dogs in her lifetime and is currently motivated by Cala’s story. This story highlights a courageous battle between good and evil, with love ultimately prevailing. For Battle, this rescue tale serves as a meaningful reminder to stay hopeful during difficult times. It emphasizes the significance of continuing our endeavors to improve the world, even when faced with obstacles.

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