“The Triumph of a Poodle: Overcoming Limb Loss and Finding a Forever Home with a Loving Family”

Zach Skow, the founder of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, and his wife Heather Skow, rescued a small poodle named Cora Rose after she was involved in a terrible car accident a few years ago. The tragic incident left Cora with both legs broken and her spirit crushed. Immediately, Cora was taken to Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital where they had to amputate her front legs to save her life.

Fortunately, Cora proved to be a resilient young lady. Though the pain was intense, it dissipated quickly, and she slowly began to attempt movement. Before long, she was even wagging her tail with enthusiasm.

Over time, the little furry creature managed to teach itself the art of standing on its hind legs and taking a few steps. As each day passed by, the pup’s hind legs grew more robust, and it began to exhibit signs of contentment.

The incredible young lady is capable of standing strong and bouncing with the grace of a kangaroo. She maintains a positive momentum, constantly progressing forward. Furthermore, she has a wheelchair as an option for mobility whenever she desires it.

Cora is living her best life every day with the Skow family. She has seamlessly integrated into the household and gets along famously with the other dogs. Her bond with Zach and Heather’s daughter is heartwarming, as she even helps the little one learn to walk.

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